Youth Sunday School

Sunday School is offered from early September (the Sunday following Labor Day) through late May (the Sunday prior to Memorial Day weekend) for children ages 3 through Senior High. Classes gather at 9:15am and are divided into small groups based on age. The children and youth will experience scripture and other Bible based age-appropriate activities as they engaged their faith and build lasting relationships with their peers and teachers. Periodically throughout the year, we come together to learn and practice songs during the Sunday school hour, and we will then help lead worship with the new songs learned, especially during the holidays.


Adult Sunday School

Adult Sunday School is in session!

You are invited to join us in the morning Adult Sunday School lessons.  The topic and lessons are called, “Living The Questions”, which is an open-minded alternative to studies that attempt to give participants all the answers.  “Living the Questions” creates an environment where participants not only interact with one another in exploring the best of today’s theological thought, but together strive to explore what’s next for Christianity.   Each DVD features 30 of today’s leading religious voices and certainly gives participants “food for thought” and discussion.

The lessons are divided into three areas, “Invitation To Journey”, “Reclaiming The World” and “Call To Covenant”.  So far we have covered the first section and are just about finished with the second section.  Out of 21 lessons, we have covered 14. 

The wonderful thing about these lessons is that they can be viewed as separate lessons, so that one is not dependent or has to be contingent on another.

This unit of study will be ending on February 17, 2019 (unless church is canceled because of snow)!

Here is a list of the lessons yet to be studied:  A Kingdom without Walls;  Social Justice: Realizing God’s Vision;  Incarnation: Divinely Human;  Prayer: Intimacy with God;  Compassion: The Heart of Jesus’ Ministry;  Creative Transformation; and Embracing Mystery.

Please consider joining this class at 9:15 Sunday mornings!  It’s not too late to be a part of exciting and thoughtful conversations.