In the Presbyterian Church, the wedding ceremony is considered a worship service and is so ordered to bring praise to God. The minister will discuss with all applicants their readiness for the privileges and obligations in Christian marriage. At least two discussions will be scheduled with the applicants and the minister. One partner shall be a professing Christian. Non-members are welcome to use the staff and facilities of Chapel Hill for weddings when it has been determined that their expectations are consistent with the ministry Chapel Hill offers. Visiting clergy may be invited to participate as leaders in the service at the discretion of the pastor.


  • Scheduling and arrangements for all weddings must be established in consultation with the pastor, and approved by the Session.
  • Priority is given to couples wherein one of the partners has been a member of the congregation for at least six months.
  • Nonmembers may request to hold their wedding at Chapel Hill at the discretion of the minister.
  • Weddings will not be conducted on liturgical holidays.
  • Church events always take priority in scheduling.

General Information

  • Smoking, alcoholic beverages, and controlled substances, are not permitted anywhere on church premises; and anyone under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will be asked to refrain from participating in rehearsals or wedding ceremonies.
  • Bubbles may be used only outside the church. Session must grant permission to throw birdseed outside the church. Glitter, rice, confetti, or similar substances are never allowed inside or outside the church.
  • Church furniture, decorations, wall hangings etc. shall not be rearranged without prior approval from the wedding coordinator and the minister.
  • The upper parking area is reserved for handicapped individuals.
  • The elevator (lift) inside the church is operated by a key that the wedding coordinator will provide.


  • The church organist shall play for all weddings, unless alternate arrangements are made with the minister. All music selections must be made in consultation with, and with the approval of, the minister to assure that the service is genuinely reverent.
  • Soloists or any special music arrangements must be made in consultation with the minister.


  • Photographers may not use flash photography during the service.
  • Guests will not be allowed to take flash photography during the service.
  • Videos of the service may only be filmed from a stationary vantage point and with natural lighting.


  • The church will be open one hour before and one half hour after the rehearsal. The church will be open four hours prior to the wedding to accommodate decorating and to allow the wedding party time to dress. It will be open for an hour and a half following the wedding to allow for photographs and cleanup by the wedding party. The wedding coordinator will consult with the wedding party to arrange for time to accommodate decorating, dressing and photography if additional times are needed.
  • The sanctuary seats 270.
  • The fellowship hall seats 100.
  • The main aisle in the sanctuary is 5 feet 6 inches wide and 31 feet long.
  • There are 7 rows of pews per side in the sanctuary.
  • The nursery will be available upon request for a standard fee.

Financial Considerations

  • Rates are different for members and for non-members.
  • There will be an addition to the basic fees for weddings held on or close to holidays. Holiday rates apply at the following times:
    • Holy Week
    • Memorial Day Weekend
    • July Fourth
    • Thanksgiving Weekend
    • Entire month of December
    • New Years Week
  • A deposit of $250.00 is required at the time of the reservation.
  • If there is damage to property or additional cleaning is needed because the wedding party did not adequately clean up after the ceremony and/or reception, Chapel Hill will retain the refundable deposit to cover the associated costs. Any unused deposit monies will be returned within 30 days of the wedding.
  • The deposit is required to reserve rehearsal and wedding dates.
  • Balance must be paid in full by one week prior to rehearsal.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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